20 Sept 2013

What's inspiring us today...

With a rare day out of the school room, my morning got off to a (slightly) slower start this morning and I had the first real chance to see September in all it's loveliness.

We're all feeling the shift from late summer colour towards more muted golden tones and this is being reflected in our work just recently. If i'm honest, we've all come over a bit 'mellow mists'  - Amy has been blackberry picking and I'm quite tempted to get the wellies on and go for a forage this afternoon. So here is a glimpse of what's inspiring us at Tallulah Rose today.

September light is filling the school room just now and is heavenly

Get your wellies on and go woodland foraging

Images via Pinterest where you can see more of our likes and loves: http://www.pinterest.com/tallulahrosey/inspiring-us-today/

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