31 Mar 2014

Mother's Day Bouquets

A blooming lovely bunch of sorbet roses
What did you get up to this Mother's Day? We were joined by a lovely bunch of ladies for our Mother's Day workshop on Friday and had a great time getting to grips with a range of different hand tied bouquets. First up on the menu was this soft and perfectly feminine rose bouquet featuring some of my favourites - the acapella, talea, avalanche and senorita varieties. Their sorbet shades looked good enough to eat together.

Spring was definitely in the air on Friday
In the afternoon we went 'wild and free' and made beautifully lose, garden style bouquets with the freshest spring blooms. On the menu were headily scented narcissus, apricot parrot tulips, white anemones (with green centres!), colour popping craspedia and vibrant gelder roses. The wilder style of bouquet is always a challenge but our ladies rose to it and left literally with an arm-full of gorgeous blooms  - enough the give to their mums and keep for themselves!

Getting to grips with being more wild & free...

25 Mar 2014

The Mother's Day series...

Image via: http://thebloggersdaughter.blogspot.be/

Last week we shared our thoughts on motherhood with you...well, nurturing in general really. We praised those of our graduates who are balancing their new floral careers with busy family lives and promised to share some of their profiles with you in the run up to Mother's Day this week. So pop over to our Facebook Page and meet our first pair of partner's in crime - Holly and her son Noah.

We'll also be celebrating Mother's Day in style in the school rooms this Friday with our special one day workshop. Places are limited but we do have just spaces left so if you are looking for a special gift for your mum this year, why not come and learn how to make the perfect seasonal hand tied bouquet with us using a beautiful selection of blooms. There's nothing more special than presenting your mum with a beautiful bouquet that you have made yourself, or come and learn together and share the experience of flowers.

You can visit our website for more details or simply email us at hello@tallulahroseflowers.com or call 01225 425 998 x

21 Mar 2014

Gracie's Guest Post

Flower school frolics with Gracie & Lemmy
Well, I'm coming to the end of Week Two of my internship at flower school and this week has been bridal week. There have been some amazing flowers around school this week and everybody's individual styles have really started to shine through.

The big thing I have learnt this week is that sometimes, just by incorporating a totally different colour or texture into a display which may not necessarily feel natural at first, can totally lift an arrangement. For example, the students designed flower crowns yesterday and by injecting a hint of blue delphinium amongst the pink and peach roses and finishing with canary yellow ribbon, Jules' crown got the wow factor!

Colour contrast flower crown
The highlight of the week for me has been watching the window and door garlands being constructed, especially the eco-friendly alternative to oasis version, using chicken wire and moss - I'm fast learning that it's amazing how much you need your initiative when you're a florist!

An eco-friendly take on the more traditional oasis trailing garland
Over the course of bridal week, it's been great to see the entire flower journey from producing a single groom's button-hole right through to large scale table-centres and garlands. The variety of flowers has been incredible too from pastel sorbet shades right through to neon brights.

Next week I'll be off to Covent Garden Flower Market so be sure to follow my twitter feed @florenceflorals and the hashtag #floristintern to see what I get up to!

Gracie x

20 Mar 2014

Celebrating all things Mother's Day

Image via: http://inesdelreves.tumblr.com
I'm not a mother (well, sort of if you count a little red dachshund called Alfred), not because I don't want to be, but because put quite simply - life just hasn't really played out that way. But I do recognise that the bond between a mother and her child is something magical and other-worldly and something that should be celebrated in style.

Here at flower school, we love to nurture too. We like to think we nurture our students and hold their hands as they embark on their own unique flower journey. We also nurture our graduates and encourage them on with their new ventures as they embark on their new floral careers and of course, we nurture the amazing blooms we work with everyday and are constantly rewarded by the colour and life they bring to the school rooms.

Next week, in the run up to Mother's Day we will be celebrating some of our lovely graduates who are busy juggling their new floral careers with children and family life - keep an eye on our Facebook page and come meet some more nurturers.
18 Mar 2014

Gracie's First Week

Amongst the Ranunculas
Hello Gracie here,

Over the last few days I have been filled with inspiration and have picked up some fantastic advice on running and starting up a business within the floristry industry which is gold dust for a newbie like me!

The school is beautiful every nook is photogenic (especially with the addition of an odd dachshund or two) and being around so much creativity coming from the students and the teachers creates a wonderful space to work in.

One of the highlights from my first week was watching the wreath tutorial. I simply can't get enough of the different shades of pink and the ranunculas the students used were so pretty.

Magically simple but stunning Terrariums

Another favourite was the terrariums from Monday, after fawning over them on Pintrest it was fantastic to see how to create them in several different styles all equally gorgeous!

I'll hopefully keep you updated on my 'interning activities' every week but if you would like to see daily updates follow my twitter @florenceflorals or follow the hashtag #flowerintern

Gracie x

13 Mar 2014

Meet Gracie

Our intern Gracie enjoying the lavender
We have a new addition for our March Career Course - our lovely intern! Gracie has a passion for all things floral and is spending some time in our school rooms being inspired and breathing it all in. For those of you who love the old social media as much as we do, you can follow Gracie's journey via our Twitter @tallulahrosey and by following the hashtag #floristintern

Have a great day people x
6 Mar 2014

Come and walk the talk with us

Image via: http://lookdepernille.com/

Do the flower shoes fit? Then wear them we say! If flowers are at the heart of what you do but you're looking to inject some sass into your business, we may just have the course for you.

We have opened up our five day Business Skills Course to those who have the appropriate technical floral skills but may be looking for some industry savy advice to kick start a new business, as well as those of you who may have been in the industry for some time and are looking to re-brand and slip on a new pair of floral shoes!

During the course of the week, we will introduce you to some of the best industry experts in their field. From leading brand agencies, bloggers, social media experts and event florists, to accountants and business bank managers. We will also take you to the world renowned Covent Garden Flower Market to meet nationwide flower suppliers - ensuring you have access to the best contacts to enable your business (be it old or new!) to flourish.

There is a full course break down over on our website but as ever, if you'd like to talk to us in person please get in touch either by email at hello@tallulahroseflowers.com or call us directly on 01225 425 998. We're a friendly bunch and we'd love to hear from you.

Team Tallulah x