28 Jan 2014

Spring Term

We're ready to take our seats!
With only 5 days to go until we welcome our next Career Course students we are getting super excited in the school rooms. We can't wait to meet our newest recruits and see them flourish as they embark on their very own flower journeys. 

We always get that 'back to school' feeling right before a new course, the school rooms get a good spruce up ready for our new guests and we we may even treat ourselves to a new pencil case (because you are NEVER too old for that...right?).

We are also thrilled to be joined by our new intern Gracie for this course and can't wait to have a new flower entusiast on board. We've made some exciting changes to the 2014 course and can't wait to share pictures of some beautiful new designs. We're also thrilled to be working with some super talented British flower growers this term and will be taking our students on a tour of Covent Garden Flower Market so it's sure to be a busy month...watch this space!
21 Jan 2014

Spring workshops

Image via Pinterest

You may have noticed on your morning commute (or maybe not, depending on if you've had your coffee?) that something amazing is beginning to happen. From the endless wet and muddy January ground, spring bulbs are emerging. They are tiny and they're just about getting brave enough to pop their heads out of their cosy parapets but to us florists, it's a BIG deal!

To celebrate all things spring we have some new workshops for 2014 so if you feel like getting creative with a flourish of spring flowers through your own home, we'll teach you how. All of our day courses take place at our inspiring school rooms in the heart of beautiful Bath, which is a treat in itself in springtime. 

For full details and how to book, visit our website
20 Jan 2014

Bloom Monday

Image via Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/tallulahrosey/

Somebody told us it was Blue Monday today? Now I don't know about you guys, but we don't feel so blue. We know it's a bit cold outside, not to mention wet and grey, and we know that we spent all our pennies on (a lot of) festive cheer, but when you work with the most amazing little flowers everyday you can't help but feel the love.

So, we've re-branded today #bloommonday and we've been asking our students, past, present and future to share their flowery pictures with us and banish those winter blues.

Follow the story now on the Tallulah Rose Facebook and Twitter pages and post your pictures too, we'd love to see them!
8 Jan 2014

Out with the old and in with the new

A very quick hello from the school room this morning as we're rolling up our sleeves and busy preparing for this Saturday's Taster Day. We love our taster day's as we get to meet so many budding florists and it's always so interesting to hear everyone's stories about the reasons they want to embark on a whole new floral adventure - by the end of the day we feel like we're in a room of kindred spirits!

This Taster Day is the first we'll be hosting in our shiny new school room so we thought we'd spruce the place up after Christmas, ditch the leftover pine and plant some beautiful spring bulbs. There's something about planting simple bulbs that brings so much satisfaction. I guess like our students, we just love watching them grow.

If you're feeling a little 'out with the old, in with the new' and would like to read more about our Taster Days you can do so via our website and also visit our 2014 timetable. Of course we're always at the end of the phone if you'd like to speak to us too.
7 Jan 2014

Where the flowers grow

Image via our Pinterest board: Inspiring us today...

So, we've been back to the drawing board this week and are making lots of exciting plans for the year ahead. Our blackboard is full of post-its and we are (trying!) our best to prioritise.

One of the things on the top of our to-do list is to attend the The Great Flower Farmer meet up next week hosted by Flowers by Clowance to meet lots of lovely British growers. We have made it our number one priority this year to source more British grown flowers. If you caught BBC2's Great British Garden Revival last night (do catch up if you missed it - it's well worth a watch), you will have hopefully been inspired by Rachel de Thame and the troop of British growers who are pioneering the growth of their industry. 

Next week is the beginning of our own British flower journey so look out for an inspiration loaded post next week as I dish all about our day and hopefully introduce you to some of the stars which will grow and supply our flowers for the year ahead!

If you can't possibly wait that long, check out The British Flower Collective for a good introduction to some of the countries leading suppliers and some lovely images of their blooms.
6 Jan 2014

The start of a brand new year

Have you got an inner flower girl just waiting to get out?

Hello and a very happy new year to you!

If like us, you are just emerging from a long Christmas hibernation these last two weeks and today marks the start of your new year, then welcome.

With coffee in hand (a green juice in Rachel's case) we're ready to take on the new year ahead today and are busily planning some great updates to our 2014 Career Course. It's a case of 'in with the new' here at flower school as we draw up a curriculum with new guest speakers across lots of different industries, new British flower suppliers, and of course, beautiful new floral designs. 

So if you're back at your desk feeling like 2014 might be the year you start your own flower journey why not take a look at our course timetables via the website. We'd love to meet you and let you know what's in store for 2014 so book yourself on one of our FREE taster days and explore the world of the Tallulah Rose flower school. Our next Taster Day is Saturday 11th January - see here for details.

2014 Career Course Dates
Spring One Day Course Dates

Whatever you do this year, Team Tallulah hope you have a great one! x