21 Jul 2014

Frolicking with very British flowers

Lara from Manor Farm Cottage Flowers
On Friday we welcomed Lara to the Flower School with her buckets of very British flowers to collaborate on our first British Flower Day Course.

Getting to grips with our natural hand tied bouquets
After an introduction to British flowers from a grower's perspective it was time to get hands on and create gorgeous natural hand ties as nature intended them to be. When flowers are this fresh and this seasonal, there's no need to over style - they simply speak for themselves in all their British glory!

A beautiful kind of floral chaos
Just some of our flower heroes for the day included bright blue Cornflowers, deep purple and pink heavenly scented Sweet Peas, Dahlias, Zinnias and Larkspur - all of which are at their freshest right now so if you are looking for some July floral inspiration, they are a great place to start.

A big thank you to Lara for nurturing these wonderful blooms and of course to our day students who we had a blast with!

You can see more of Lara's beautiful blooms and her styling of them via her Manor Farm Cottage Facebook page.
18 Jul 2014

Floral Musings

The Tallulah Rose Flower School

invites you to

Floral Musings

14th & 15th October, Brixton East, London, SW9 7JF

This Autumn we're going back to our roots, to the soulful heart of Brixton and invite you to come on a journey of Floral Musings with us. For two days this October, we are making the old furniture factory in Briston our home and are opening the doors to all those who share our passion for design, flora, texture and colour.

Against a backdrop of raw wooden beams, vaulted ceilings and smooth concrete floors, we're going to slow things down a little, enjoy local artisan produce together like fresh ground coffee and warm baked croissants and revel in the art of conversation as we muse openly about our floral aesthetic. With natural light pouring in through the large glazed windows, we may be lucky enough to catch to morning Autumn sun and enjoy the courtyard - where we will later introduce you to the principles of floral photography and capture our day's work on film.

Over the course of two days we will be running a series of practical floral demonstrations and lectures, giving you a real insight into our world of floral design. Whether you are an existing florist looking for fresh inspiration to move your business forward or a complete beginner, we will guide you through a range of techniques (and insider secrets) using the freshest flora the season has to offer.

Course Content:

Day One - Musings on balance, scale & form

Once we've taken time out to get to know you over a steaming cup of coffee we'll introduce ourselves and our floral passions to you. We'll kick start the day with a nod to the history of our building and create beautiful meadow boxes together - using the traditional wooded crates that the building is famous for.

In the afternoon there will be a thematic lecture and a floral demonstration as we show you how to create one of the flower school's signature pieces - the floral door garland. This will allow us to take you though the key areas of floral selection, colour, balance and form whilst working on a grand scale. Then it's over to you to create your own garland using all of the knowledge you have learnt from the day. We will then take you through the principles of floral photography, sharing our hints and tips on proportion, positioning and light before you find your perfect place in the building to photograph your work.

Day Two: Musings on proportions, details and finishes

Hopefully you will have spent the night dreaming of flora and this morning you will be totally inspired and raring to go, so after breakfasting together, it’s straight on with the aprons as we delve into the romance of floral bouquets. Through a series of practical demonstrations, we will show you various styles of hand tied bouquets and present our own signature style. Then it’s over to you as you are given the freedom to find your own conversation with flowers and create your own wonderfully romantic design. We will then wander through our gorgeous archive of silk ribbons and teach you how to finish your designs and prep them for more individual photography throughout the building.

After lunching together, there will be another thematic lecture followed by an introduction to wired work and the delightful art of floral crowns. Late in the afternoon, we will end the course as we began, slow things down, put a pot of coffee on and share our learnings, hopes and dreams in an open forum with the full flower school team.

Come and muse with us a while…

Date: Tuesday 14th – Wednesday 15th October
Time: 10.00 – 17.00 each day
Location: Brixton East, 100 Barrington Road, London, SW9 7JF

Cost: £1600 per person*

To reserve your place, simply email us at: hello@tallulahroseflowers.com and we'll arrange the rest.

*Included in the course fee are all fresh floral materials, floristry equipment, vessels used in your floral designs, breakfast, lunch and light refreshments for the full two days.