21 Oct 2013

Kindred flower folk

The most beautiful poppy in the school room

This weekend we met some kindred flower folk - all with dreams and ambitions to start their own flower journey and maybe take a course with Tallulah Rose. What struck me was that although each and every person who came along to listen to me talk about the flower school had very different stories to tell, we were all bound together by a complete and overwhelming passion for flowers.

Some had worked with flowers before, others were complete beginners and some just couldn't get the voice out of their heads that was telling them that they just had to have flowers in their future.

If you're a kindred flower folk and you'd like to talk to us about your own dreams, we offer a taster day where you can come and meet the team and hear more about what we can do for you.

Our next taster day takes place on Saturday 16th November. It's completely free to join and we'd love to hear about your own flower journey.

For more information visit: www.tallulahroseflowers.com

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