7 Jan 2014

Where the flowers grow

Image via our Pinterest board: Inspiring us today...

So, we've been back to the drawing board this week and are making lots of exciting plans for the year ahead. Our blackboard is full of post-its and we are (trying!) our best to prioritise.

One of the things on the top of our to-do list is to attend the The Great Flower Farmer meet up next week hosted by Flowers by Clowance to meet lots of lovely British growers. We have made it our number one priority this year to source more British grown flowers. If you caught BBC2's Great British Garden Revival last night (do catch up if you missed it - it's well worth a watch), you will have hopefully been inspired by Rachel de Thame and the troop of British growers who are pioneering the growth of their industry. 

Next week is the beginning of our own British flower journey so look out for an inspiration loaded post next week as I dish all about our day and hopefully introduce you to some of the stars which will grow and supply our flowers for the year ahead!

If you can't possibly wait that long, check out The British Flower Collective for a good introduction to some of the countries leading suppliers and some lovely images of their blooms.

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