2 Oct 2013

Hearts full of hope and heads full of dreams

From the left: Marie, Judith and Amy - our September Class

Last Friday was Day 20 of our September Career Course and the last day of flowering for the three students that have been with us for the past month. Amy, Judith and Marie came to us at the beginning of September, we posted the results of Day One - a potted Orchid, and within a month we have watched their individual style and talent flourish. 

As with all of of Career Courses, the final week end with the student's own freestyle designs. They are given the freedom to plan, design and budget for three bridal pieces. We love to see the progress the students have made and this is their time to showcase just what they can do on their own.

We adore the flowering mint in Marie's wild meadow style bridal bouquet

The striking hot pink Piano Rose takes centre stage in Judith's bouquet

Colour clash perfection with these peach Mis Piggy Roses and the muted Mentha Rose

So it was with hearts full of hope and heads full of dreams for their new businesses that our students left us last week. We wish them every success for their future and can't wait to see where their businesses take them.

Our next course begins on the 4th of November and you can find more information via our website: www.tallulahroseflowers.com

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