18 Nov 2013

Business Week

We've kicked off Week Three of our November career course with the all important business branding. 

Our students have spent the last two weeks obsessing over floral design. They've been practising and practising their hand tie technique, getting to grips with large scale oasis work and intricate detailed wiring. 

When I meet students on day one and see their trepidation when conditioning flowers I always tell them that a hand tie soon becomes a little bit like breathing - you don't think, you just do and when you do, beautiful things happen. They always look at me like i'm a little insane but by week three they always get it!

So today we turned our thoughts to their own businesses and encouraged them to start thinking about their own brand identity. Its something we'll continue to build on throughout the week and we can't wait to see them each sow the seeds of their future floral careers.

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