18 Mar 2014

Gracie's First Week

Amongst the Ranunculas
Hello Gracie here,

Over the last few days I have been filled with inspiration and have picked up some fantastic advice on running and starting up a business within the floristry industry which is gold dust for a newbie like me!

The school is beautiful every nook is photogenic (especially with the addition of an odd dachshund or two) and being around so much creativity coming from the students and the teachers creates a wonderful space to work in.

One of the highlights from my first week was watching the wreath tutorial. I simply can't get enough of the different shades of pink and the ranunculas the students used were so pretty.

Magically simple but stunning Terrariums

Another favourite was the terrariums from Monday, after fawning over them on Pintrest it was fantastic to see how to create them in several different styles all equally gorgeous!

I'll hopefully keep you updated on my 'interning activities' every week but if you would like to see daily updates follow my twitter @florenceflorals or follow the hashtag #flowerintern

Gracie x


  1. Flowers are not only symbolic of flawless beauty. hoa

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