20 Mar 2014

Celebrating all things Mother's Day

Image via: http://inesdelreves.tumblr.com
I'm not a mother (well, sort of if you count a little red dachshund called Alfred), not because I don't want to be, but because put quite simply - life just hasn't really played out that way. But I do recognise that the bond between a mother and her child is something magical and other-worldly and something that should be celebrated in style.

Here at flower school, we love to nurture too. We like to think we nurture our students and hold their hands as they embark on their own unique flower journey. We also nurture our graduates and encourage them on with their new ventures as they embark on their new floral careers and of course, we nurture the amazing blooms we work with everyday and are constantly rewarded by the colour and life they bring to the school rooms.

Next week, in the run up to Mother's Day we will be celebrating some of our lovely graduates who are busy juggling their new floral careers with children and family life - keep an eye on our Facebook page and come meet some more nurturers.

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