21 Mar 2014

Gracie's Guest Post

Flower school frolics with Gracie & Lemmy
Well, I'm coming to the end of Week Two of my internship at flower school and this week has been bridal week. There have been some amazing flowers around school this week and everybody's individual styles have really started to shine through.

The big thing I have learnt this week is that sometimes, just by incorporating a totally different colour or texture into a display which may not necessarily feel natural at first, can totally lift an arrangement. For example, the students designed flower crowns yesterday and by injecting a hint of blue delphinium amongst the pink and peach roses and finishing with canary yellow ribbon, Jules' crown got the wow factor!

Colour contrast flower crown
The highlight of the week for me has been watching the window and door garlands being constructed, especially the eco-friendly alternative to oasis version, using chicken wire and moss - I'm fast learning that it's amazing how much you need your initiative when you're a florist!

An eco-friendly take on the more traditional oasis trailing garland
Over the course of bridal week, it's been great to see the entire flower journey from producing a single groom's button-hole right through to large scale table-centres and garlands. The variety of flowers has been incredible too from pastel sorbet shades right through to neon brights.

Next week I'll be off to Covent Garden Flower Market so be sure to follow my twitter feed @florenceflorals and the hashtag #floristintern to see what I get up to!

Gracie x

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