1 Apr 2014

Our advanced skills course

Image via: http://zsazsabellagio.blogspot.co.uk/
Some exciting news about our newest course - just one place remaining for April - could it be yours?

New for Spring 2014 is our advanced skills course aimed at those already in the world of floristry seeking new inspiration and new challenges.

Designed with professional florists in mind and those that have completed our own four week career course, the advanced skills course will take students to the next level and give them both the technical know-how and confidence to design and direct large scale event floristry.

This four day course can accommodate up to six students who will work together as an ‘event team’ and take on various large scale challenges out on location around Bath and the surrounding areas. 

Leading the course is director Rachel and Tallulah Rose florist Saffy, who brings with her over twenty years of experience directing large events with companies such as London’s Rebel Rebel. We will also be working alongside a professional photographer to ensure students get beautiful photos of their work in order to strengthen their portfolios.

Course Details:
Price: £1850 per student
2014 Dates: April 14th – 17th / October 20th – 24th

See the website for further details or call us on 01225 425 998 to book.


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