25 Apr 2014

A festival of flowers

Image via: http://www.buzzfeed.com/

It may be a bit cold and grey in Bath today but our heads are literally in the clouds as we are busy planning our Festival Flower Crown workshop at this year's Bath in Fashion event.

Join us on Thursday the 8th May at The Pavillion as we teach you how to make your very own flower crown to rock at this year's festivals. You will be able to pick your own blooms and learn the art of wiring your flowers together to create a pretty circlet which we will then show you how to finish with ribbon and attach to your hair.

There will be a chance to WIN a ticket to see the Spring/Summer 2014 catwalk show, produced by the internationally renowned John Walford which will be taking place in the Assembly Rooms that same afternoon.

We will also be collaborating with the creative folk at Little Lab who will be offering delicate floral air brush tattoos to complete your festival look.

We hope to see you there x

Workshop Details:

Date: Thursday 8th May
Time: 10.00 - 12.00
Tickets: £5.00 (to include all materials and tuition)
Bookings: Tickets are available to purchase from the Bath Tourist Office from Monday 28th April


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