7 May 2014

Vogue on Vivienne Westwood

Our intern Gracie was transformed in to a live floral installation

Yesterday we proudly sponsored the 'Vogue on Vivienne Westwood' book signing event at the Royal Crescent Hotel as part of this year's Bath in Fashion celebrations. Our very own intern Gracie was transformed into a live floral installation complete with Georgian dress and wig.

Author Linda Watson gave us a fascinating insight into the career of the extraordinary fashion designer - all the while with Gracie artfully in-situ as our tribute to the bold, creative and trend setting designer.

Vivienne Westwood regularly incorporates flowers into her shows and so we wanted to come up with something that would fit with that Cool Britannia vibe that she is so well known for. We also decided to weave the Georgian themes of ‘Grace and Elegance’ into the installation to tie in with the broader celebrations that are taking place in Bath this year and hopefully created a real talking point for all those that attended.

A special shout out to The Little Lab and their brilliant air-brush tattooing which helped us to complete Gracie's transformation and to the super talented Taylor Barnes Photography for catching it all on film.

More photos to follow later this week x


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